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HYFY GIGA FIBER is a new choice and we are here to connect
YOU to everything that matters the most. Come Experience !

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Our experienced & professional technical and sales team is fully dedicated to delivering reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions to customers.


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Its straight – we connect you to the world !

Founded in 2015, with the motto of connecting everyone to a very stable and high speed wireless broadband service, Hyfy Giga Fiber started in Hyderabad in a small office. Now it operates from a huge facility servicing across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana states.

See Why We’re The Best !

Its internet that really moves – Take it or leave it!


We use both wireless and wired technology to ensures quick and easy installation. Wireless networks are adaptable and expandable. Wired network is for apartments & societies.


Not only are our connections fast but we have a package to suit every budget. Whether you are a business or a home user, you will find a package to match your needs perfectly.


If you ever run into an issue, we are no more than a phone call away. This means we can get you back up and running as soon as possible, resulting in minimum downtime.


Our infrastructure is stable. With our service you can look forward to reliable and blisteringly fast connections with the minimum of downtime.


We guarantee that our connection will be up when you need it. The quality of our service and technology ensures that connection downtime is minimal, if it occurs at all.


We work with Juniper, Cisco and Huawei carrier grade hardware only. It ensures the smoothest and the most stable internet experience for all of our users.

Our Services

Internet & Broadband

We need the internet. In the past, you most likely could have done without it. Nowadays it is a necessity. Not only for socialising with people, but also for doing business. It is therefore vital that you have a fast internet connection in place. Our company specialises in ‘wireless’ internet connections. This is a far superior option than traditional wired connections for a multitude of different reasons: It is incredibly quick and easy to set up.

Internet Leased Line

There are some who need a dedicated line in place because a slow internet speed or regular downtime could have a severe impact on revenue. There are other people, particularly those who game regularly, who need a decent connection to ensure that there are no latency issues. When you use our leased line service, you will have sole use of that internet cable. Think of it as like your own dedicated server. You are the only one on it.

Home & Office Automation

Home & Office automation is one of the latest products on offer from HyFy Giga Fiber and it is, of course, one of our most popular. People have been looking into ways in which they can automate their home or office for years. However, it is only recently that these solutions have started to become affordable. Now, there are a number of things that you will be able to incorporate into a home and office automation set-up. You can have your system as extensive as you like.

Event Wi-Fi Internet Services

Are you organizing a conference, training day, media tent, sports event, rock concert or any other event where you need internet access? Our Event Wi-Fi provides high speed internet for your delegates or visitors or customers – so they can email, connect, network, share upload pictures and report on your event. Our solution contains everything you need to get you up online at your event. Wi-Fi and other technologies are key to the success of today’s events and tradeshows. Interactivity is the order of the day.

CCTV Solutions

We are well-known for our ability to provide the highest quality solutions for CCTV in the state. CCTV helps you to protect your property. This could be a business property or, as in many cases, it could be a residential property. One of the advantages of dealing with us is that we are very experienced when it comes to the world of CCTV. This means that we are going to be able to provide you with all of the advice that you need for putting together a CCTV package which suits your business or home down to a tee.

Campus Wi-Fi

Campus Wi-Fi enables you to have an internet system in your educational establishment which anybody, providing they have the required passwords, will be able to connect to. This service is ideal for those campuses where students or educators may be bringing in laptops or any other mobile device on a regular basis and where Wi-Fi is a necessity. It is also suitable for those establishments where the campus already has its own computer system and wishes to go ‘wire free’.

HyFy Giga Fiber has been experienced and trusted by brands like


This is a brand you can rely upon, get Hyfyed ASAP and bid goodbye to ur net woes. Everything from plans,speed,connection up-time, customer service is curated to perfection.


If you don’t have HyFy then you are missing out big time. Consistent Speed backed by tenacious service. They deliver what they promise. When it comes to customer service, phenomenal !

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